Technical Diving   Courses

The courses in the PSS Technical division belong to the branch of diving generally referred to as “technical”.This term should be intended as diving activities carried out, for enjoyment, beyond the limits established for recreational diving. However, within the field of hyperbaric medicine the term technica is used to define any dive during which a change of breathing gas is made. However, the PSS organization feel this definition to be too broad while, at the same time, too restrictive. Therefore, the PSS orgainzation considersany type of dive (within or exceeding the maximum no-deco dive times) made beyond the limits of recreational divin gas “tecnical” diving. Obviously, technical diving also has established limits which must be respected, particularly during training activities. These limits are given below so that all divers are aware of them.

-   Nitrox Diver.

- Decompression Techniques.

-   Accelerated Dompression.

- Trimix 60M.


A medical certificate must be completed prior to the dive. All questions must be answered with NO. If this is not the case, then it is advisable to contact us. A visit to the general practitioner may then be necessary. The Medical Statement can be found below.

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Medical Statement



We teach in English, German, Dutch, Slovenian and Croatian language.